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New Blog!

July 7, 2010

Over here.  I am shifting my energies and focus into writing and felt I needed a clean, shiny new space to do so.

I may keep blogging here as Gumbomum, or I may not. Depends on if I feel I need the anonymous outlet at some point. I hope you will follow me over at the new blog — but if I may ask a favor, please don’t refer back to this Gumbomum blog.  Trying to keep my identities separate!

For those of you who have been with me since the Yogamum days — thank you for continuing to read me!  I so appreciate the support and friendships I’ve made through blogging, and hope to continue these relationships…


The Universe Is Testing Me

June 22, 2010

As you know — or maybe not– I recently quit my job. I was asked to transition into a full-time teaching role but my heart just wouldn’t let me do it. I had several reasons but the two that pulled me most strongly were the need to dedicate my time to my family, and the pull of writing. If I go to my gut, my deepest intuition, I know that those are the two passions of my life and that if I have the privilege of pursuing them, I need to honor that.

However, I’ve noticed that even when you know deeply that something is right, doubts will arise. And the Universe will throw opportunities in your way to test your resolve. A phone call came last week, with the possibility of a part-time position elsewhere. I considered, briefly, but had to say no. And today I was yet again offered the chance to have my old job back, on possibly negotiable terms, and yet I had to say no again.

How crazy, to say no to a job when the world is so fragile and uncertain. How lucky I am to have the option. I feel almost guilty, uncourteous. Who am I to think that the Universe will continue to provide me with possibility? What happens when my luck runs out?

And yet, why should my luck run out? Why should I expect anything less than freedom and possibility? Why believe that opportunity is scarce, that it could all go wrong at any moment, so we must cling to whatever security arises?

Letting go feels scary, but liberating. It’s a good place to be.

Creative Burst

June 16, 2010

Hhhmm, I wrote a post using a WordPress app last night, set it to publish, and it is nowhere to be found.

What I was going to say was something like this:

My last day at my teaching job was a week ago.  Since then, I’ve been luxuriating in spending time with my family, and getting my creative life back on track.  I’m taking an e-course called Flying Lessons:  Tips and Tricks to Help Your Creative Business Soar (see button on sidebar), and tomorrow night I’m signed up for a writing workshop.  I’ve worked on a new writing website, which I shall reveal in due time.  I’ve been decluttering and organizing.  I’ve been cooking and reading.  My daughter and I went to a very beginning sewing class, which was completely out of my comfort zone.  I have always been afraid to sew — you throw words like “bobbin” and “selvage” at me and I get twitchy and nervous.  However, we learned enough to venture out on our own and between the two of us, we made a beautiful laundry bag for my daughter to take to camp next week.

It feels good to have my life back.


June 3, 2010

I have noticed a blogging trend in the last week.  Bloggers who have long been silent (jen lemen, bloglily, dark orpheus, and several others) suddenly started posting again.  I thought I might join the blogging renaissance as well.  I haven’t thought about what to say except that:  I’m back.  I have quit my job (well, two more days) and am hoping to throw myself wholeheartedly back into writing.  I may create another blog incarnation, but I may keep this one as well.  I’m feeling inspired and creative and free!

I hope you are all well…


March 31, 2010

Today marks two years since my dad’s death.  Even though it gets easier with time, I still miss him every day.  And I think he’s still around, thinking of us, because today as I was out walking the dog, I saw another snake.


December 30, 2009

It’s ON, baby!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2009

We are having a most unusual Thanksgiving! Today also happens to be my husband’s birthday and we are celebrating in Caracas, Venezuela. His relatives are coming over for a reverse surprise party today – the surprise is in them because they have no idea we are here! More news on our trip when I have access to a real keyboard. Typing on the iPhone is too slow!