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Getting into the Groove

September 11, 2009

My first week back to school is over and I can take a deep breath now, before it all starts again on Monday.   Over the summer, I had my doubts about coming back to work, but after a week with the kids, I feel once again that this is the right place for me, right now.  Hugs from kindergartners… middle schoolers saying “You’re going to be our teacher again?  YES!”…  The tiny grin out of the corner of a new student’s mouth as he slowly becomes convinced that this school might be okay after all… Getting to see my own daughter in my class… Chats with co-workers… A vote of confidence from a supportive boss… A sweet note and a latte from my co-teacher…

Yeah, I can do this!

Remind me to check this post again in December when I’m tired and cranky and overwhelmed!

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  1. September 12, 2009 12:50 am

    So glad the year is off to a good start! I LOVED having my dad for a teacher in high school – it was like this special connection just he and I shared. I think you will look back on this year with lots of love.

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