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Ego Problems!

April 22, 2009

In the spirit of telling it like it is, I am going to share something 100% honest:

My ego is acting up lately.

There is nothing like work stuff to get the ego going.  I had sort of forgotten that, in my many years as a stay-at-home mom.  A couple things have happened recently where someone has either 1) treated me in a somewhat condescending manner or 2) inadvertantly taken credit for my work.  Back when I was a volunteer at the school, that stuff either didn’t happen or didn’t bother me.  Now I find myself really wanting people to KNOW how smart I am, what a good job I do, how much I contribute, etc.  I know on the one hand that that is part of what you’re supposed to do at work, in the interest of career advancement – on the other hand, I’m not even sure I want to advance in this career!  I like what I do now and do I really need more responsibility and pressure?

The ego says YES!  You want to be important!  You want to be irreplaceable!  You want a better job title!  You want a raise!

The heart says who cares?  You know you are contributing!  You know you make a difference!  You know you are helping the kids! You know a raise won’t be that significant!

So amusing, watching this internal dialogue ping-ponging back and forth…

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  1. May 1, 2009 2:47 am

    I HATE it when people are condescending towards me… nothing really gets me madder. On the other hand, when someone else takes credit, over time, I’ve found folks figure out who’s really doing the heavy lifting. So I’ve gotten better on that one.

    But its tough!

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